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Mohamed Yousef, the owner of "My Media Studios" ensures that any job we work on is done to perfection, in a timely and professional manner.

Our work focuses on originality, innovation, imagination, creativity and the odd spark that lifts any project to a higher level.

We have created music and sound design for well over 1000 commercials. Our clients include some of the region's leading advertising agencies, brands, international and arabic artists, producers, publishing companies and tech giants. Our approach is to deliver results that are always fresh, engaging and professional, delivering consistent satisfaction to our partners. 



Our services


• General production of Radio/TV advertisements

• Music composition, jingles, sound design/FX, sonic branding 

• Music production/ recording and sound engineering 

• Band recordings, mixing and mastering 

• Master of Ceremony "MC"  for any kind of events

• Coaching and Training. 

• الإنتاج الاذاعي والتلفزيوني

• التأليف الموسيقي وتصميم المؤثرات الموسيقية والصوتية 

• المونتاج الصوتي والتلفزيوني 

• التسجيلات الصوتية والاذاعية 

• عريف حفل ومقدم مناسبات ومدير للجلسات والمحاضرات

• التدريب الاعلامي - تدريب عام وتدريب شخصي 

Our team

Producer and CEO :

Mohamed Yousef

Production manager :

Yaqoub Al Ali

Business development :

Rashid Mohamed

Accounts :

Ali Asghar

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